MoRadio joins Twitter

February 14, 2010

Good Evening Everyone,

I hope you all survived the Holidays. For me, as always, things have been hectic and, as always, we at are trying something new. We have joined Twitter in an effort to bring great two radio deals and two-way radio information to you in yet another easy way. If you would like to join us you can follow our Twitter activity at

Also just a little sneak peak at our next article here. It will be about the new Daniels P25 Repeaters, the UIC (Universal Interface Card), and RoIP (Radio over IP networks). I’ll try to simplify and explain what it means in practical terms. It should be fun so don’t miss it.

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Can I use my new radios with my old radios?

August 11, 2009

Hi everyone,

Today’s topic is “Can I use my new radios with my old radios?” This is one of the most frequent questions we get. The answer is “yes” with an explanation. If both your new and your old radio, are on the same frequency they will be able to communicate. However, not all the functions may work. For instance, your new radio may support PL’s or “Private Lines” sometimes referred to as Private tones, where your old one may not. You will still be able to talk, but since both do not have PL’s, you wouldn’t be able to use that feature. Two-way radios, just like any other electronics, get better by the day and have more options, but new and old can still communicate together. Find other useful articles like this under our information section at . We welcome your questions and your comments.

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Patrick S.

Uhf vs VHF two way radio – Which is right for me?

August 10, 2009

Hi All,

Today’s topic is “Uhf vs VHF two way radio – Which is right for me?” We get this question all the time so we have posted a very short to the point article that you can read by clicking here. I hope you enjoy and find it useful. Don’t forget to send us you questions or comments so we know what would be helpful.


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Patrick Strutman

Going digital

August 9, 2009

Hi All,

Today’s topic is “going digital.” It seems that for the last few years everyone and every industry is talking about going digital. The two-way radio industry is no different. The thing is many don’t understand what that means or how it effect them, so with that in mind, we have posted an article that yours truly has written about two-way radio communication going digital. I hope you enjoy and find it informative. Please feel free to ask questions or suggest other topics. Have a great day.



Welcome to Moradio’s Blog

August 9, 2009


Welcome to’s first blog. is family owned and operated. has been around since 1997. We do sales and service of two-way radios. We carry Vertex Standard, Kenwood, Icom, Motorola and Bendix King. We carry a full line of mobile, portable, repeaters and accessories. Feel free to browse our inventory at moradio.

In this blog we will attempt to post articles that are useful and informative relating to two-way radio communications. These articles will not and are not intended to be for the expert. We will write them using as little industry-specific jargon as possible. We will try our best to explain and answer questions in plain English. We hope you enjoy and find them useful. We welcome any and all positive, polite input. We also welcome your questions. Thank you and have a great day.

Patrick S. , Webmaster/tech.